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Shellys London captures of-the-moment style by being at the heart of cultural and social movements as they intersect with fashion.

From its small scale beginnings, Shellys London gained status by tapping into the styles and attitudes of London’s ever-changing youth culture. Rooting itself in the moods and movements of the new, Shellys worked its way to the forefront of fashion. Shellys was the very first brand to introduce platform shoes and Chelsea boots to the women of London in the ’60s.

Today, Shellys London brings together counter-culture, youth and fashion, with style that is not so much about a time or a place: it’s about an attitude. The collection is approachable and unique; historically significant but fully embedded in the present.

Shellys offers carefully curated footwear that’s designed for the girl who colours outside the lines. Always with an eye to the latest and greatest movements in music, art and fashion, Shellys London is about connecting the dots between personal style and the trends that capture the spirit of today.

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